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Making of the Blossom Earrings

Whenever I see a piece of jewellery, one of the first questions that comes to my mind is "How did they make it?". I am always amazed by the process it takes to transform a piece of ordinary metal, giving it life into something unique and lovable. 

This is something I want to share on my blog so that more people can become aware of how something you are wearing now may actually be made!

Today I will be showing how the blossom earrings are made. From start to end, it takes about 2-3 days to finish a pair. 


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Step 1 of 8: Metal Preparation - Before and After photos

There are 2 frames - outside and inside.

The Sterling Silver frames are cleaned, drilled, polished and the inside frame are soldered with silver wires as anthers. 


Step 2 of 8: Applying enamel (glass powder) via Plique a Jour technique 

Wet enamel powder is applied between the silver frame using a small spatula (flat blade). It is the tension between the frame and the moisture of the enamel powder that is holding the enamel in place. 

This technique is known as Plique a Jour enamelling. This french term loosely translates to "glimpse of the day" and refers to how the light shines through the translucent and lustrous enamel colour. 



Step 3 of 8: Firing in the Kiln

The earrings are fired in the kiln to fuse the enamel powder into glass. Timing and temperature are very important as it can affect colour and clarity of the enamels, determining failure or success.

As you can see in the after firing photo, the enamel powder has fused into a spiderweb-like glass structure. The colour also slightly changes.


Step 4 of 8: Repeat Enamel Filling and Firing until Perfection

The enamelling and firing processes are repeated until the silver frame are completely filled with enamel into smooth, glossy surface. 

Step 5 of 8: Cleaning and Polishing silver frame

The surface of the silver frames are once again polished to remove any excessive glass that might have fused onto it during the process and also to remove all scratches.


Step 6 of 8: Soldering of Earring Hoops 

The 2 frames are fitted together through the drilled holes and the earring hoops are soldered. This step requires extra care as over heating can cause the glass to crack and discolour. 


Step 7 of 8: Fusing the 2 pieces together 

The 2 frames are then assembled and put in the kiln 1 last time to fuse them together. 



Step 8 of 8: Attaching Pearls as Anther

Fresh water pearls are attached onto the silver wire anthers.

Finally, I present to you the purple blossom earrings. 

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