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Bismuth + Peridot Ring

I came across a mysterious metal last summer during a museum visit which really caught my eye. 

Alien-like, iridescent colours, stairs that look like pyramid x outer-space.

Its name is Bismuth and it is an element in the periodic table。

The ones I bought were grown in a German lab, apparently the beautiful rainbow colours are formed by oxidation of this white metal. Don't be deceived by its appearance, it is actually quite brittle!

I decided to make a ring using Bismuth and a triangle Peridot as I think they will make great compliment.

I didn't really sketch up before making, rather I improvised as I go, but I knew I wanted to make something bold, organic and outer-space like.

Here's the setting (refers to the mounting in which a jewel is set) and ring shank that I soldered.

This is corresponding parts for the Bismuth and Peridot.

Finally after some slight polishing, this is the final product. I didn't want to do a high mirror polish as I think a ragged organic finish is more appropriate for my theme. I am really happy with the finish product as it reminds me of a spaceship ;)

For those who may be interested, I am happy to accept custom orders!:)

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